1.2. Benefits

Main benefits

All benefits

  • The most compact! The controller's dimensions are 47x37x80mm including all connectors.
  • Really powerful! It is adapted to all the stepper motors with rated winding current of up to 3A.
  • Compatible with 8SMC1-USBh After updating the MicroSMC driver, all the software for 8SMC1-USBh will be working with 8SMC4-USB.
  • Compatible with all the Standa stages! Have you got a Standa stage? Just plug and play, we have already done the rest for you!
  • It knows its own set! A built-in feature for downloading the configuration file right from the stage memory is available! The stage's support of such memory is required.
  • Choose your interface! Both USB and serial port are built-in and ready to use.
  • Really fast! Up to 35,000 steps per second for any microstep mode!
  • Precise! The microstep modes from full step to 1/256 of the step on all the speeds.
  • It does remember all! Do not worry about saving the current position on the computer: the controller does it itself using its own nonvolatile memory that works even after a sudden power cut.
  • It works with peripherals! It supports a quadrature encoder, magnetic brake, a joystick, limit switches, a zero position sensor – all included, just plug and work! Additional stabilized output for peripherals (5V, 100mA) is available.
  • Built-in zero calibration! Using the limit switches, the revolution sensor, the external signal or their combination, the zero calibration is performed by a single command!
  • Stand-alone! Would you like to work in the stand-alone mode? Just go ahead! An external joystick, a keypad or their combination is supported.
  • Energy conserving! Programmable current reduction in the motor windings in the hold mode with 1% accuracy.
  • Silent! Smooth movement at lower speeds and no extra noise at higher speeds.
  • Protected! An ESD protection on all pins of external connectors and additional short circuit protection for the motor windings.
  • Attentive! It controls the temperature of the processor and the power driver as well as both currents and voltages for the power supply and USB.
  • Modern! The firmware in the nonvolatile memory of the controller can be updated via USB interface.
  • Controlling and controllable! The built-in synch input and output allow to start the rotation to desired position by the incoming external signal and/or to transmit the outgoing signal after the desired position is reached. The analog common input and the digital common input/output are built in as well.
  • Comprehensible! The status LED displays the power supply and the controller's state. For convenience of use both signals doubled at the external LEDs as well as the state of the limit switches.
  • Multiaxis machine! The multiaxis systems are designed by using standard USB hubs, either external or mounted at a special backplane. There may be up to 32 axis in the system.
  • It works with all computers! All the supplied software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Linux, Mac OS X, including 64-bit versions.
  • Examples for all programming languages! Controllers are supplied with cross-platform library and examples which allow rapid development using C++, C#, .NET, Delphi, Visual Basic, gcc, Xcode, Matlab, Java and LabVIEW.
  • Full-featured interface! The XILab user interface is supplied with the controller. It allows to easily control all the functions and features of the device without any programming.
  • Unique scripting language! A scripting language is integrated into XILab software. It allows easy setting the sequence of actions, including cycles and branches, without compilation or learning any programming language.
  • New! Stepper motor close-loop control algorithm are ready! Motion is smoother and faster than ever with innovation encoder based close-loop on 8SMC4-USB motor controllers. It combines advantages of BLDC motor control with cheapness of conventional stepper motors. No hidden catch, no stall or hitch, just free move!