4.5.8. General purpose analog input

Analog input may be used for other purpose. For example, it can be used to measure any external signal. Value at the analog input may be read by the GETC command and is visible in the XiLab charts.

This controller represents analog input values as a number in 0..10000 range. Analog input pin is located on BPC connector.

IMPORTANT. Analog input voltage should not go outside of 0-3 V range. If this voltage is exceeded errors in analog input and other controller subsystems are possible! This may also damage the controller or connected motor.

Signal voltage 0-3 V
Scanning frequency 1 kHz

Table. Input parameters.

Connection diagram

Controller board

For the controller board analog input contact is located on the BPC connector.

Scheme of connection to analog input for the controller board

One-axis and two-axis systems

Only two-axis system has general purpose analog input on supplementary HDB-26 connector.

Scheme of connection to analog input for the two-axis system

Multi-axis system

Multi-axis system does not have general purpose analog input.