4.2.7. Recommendations for accurate rotation

The controller can automatically adjust itself for the required mode, in order to maintain either the speed or the coordinate. However, both the speed and the adjustment property depend on the controller settings. The stepper motor working in steps and microsteps positioning mode can instantly reach the required operating conditions. If the stepper motor is physically unable to provide the required speed or acceleration, the rotation will most likely stop completely. The movement will not fail if a feedback sensor such as quadrature encoder is used as a reference; however, the controller probably won't be able to maintain the required rotation parameters.

The additional position sensor (encoder) is required for DC motors. The indirect connection of controlling scheme affection with DC motor stage displacement results to slowing down of reaching the required coordinate or speed. The following recommendations will help you to accelerate this process and to make it more stable:
  • The profile corresponding to the stage being used is normally uploaded to controller and is used by it. Please upload the profile from the Configuration files chapter if you aren't confident that it is proper;
  • The motor doesn't enter the limitation mode for one of the operating parameters (refer to Motor limiters and Power control chapters). Such limitations are displayed by the horizontal bar above the Current indicator in either Power, Voltage or Speed blocks in the Motor section of XILab Main window in single-axis control mode. For more information please refer to Motor limiters and Power control chapters.
  • There are no mechanical impediments for rotation, the axis and stage are not jammed;
  • The output power of power supply unit being used is sufficient (see the Safety instructions).