4.2.1. Predefined speed rotation mode

Predefined speed rotation mode is the main operating mode of the controller for all the motor types. It allows to maintain the predefined rotation speed at a distance from the destination point and is usually used simultaneously with Rotation for predefined point or Predefined displacement modes. This mode may also get called by left and right motion commands.

Motor steps or encoder counts (if the encoder is available) per time unit are used as speed measurement units. Encoders work with all the types of motors. For DC motors the fixed speed is maintained even with the variable external load.

Turning on the Acceleration mode temporarily deactivates the predefined speed rotation mode.

After the controller receives the command to start the motion, it rotates the motor with user-defined speed. The speed adjustment is available at the appropriate section of the "Settings..." menu of XILab software or using the set_move_settings() function (refer to Programming guide section). For stepper motors the speed value may be defined in full steps and microsteps per second, for DC motors the speed is defined in revolutions per minute (RPM).

The speed for special motion modes, e.g., for backlash compensation or automatic zero position calibration, is different from the general rotation speed and is set separately.

The controller allows limitation of the maximum speed if appropriate parameter is defined by user. In that case any rotation that would have happened with the speed over the maximum is performed with the maximum speed. A separate adjustment is available, providing use of the maximum speed for all the ordinary motion modes, except for special ones, e.g., backlash compensation or automatic zero position calibration. The maximum speed adjustment as well as the adjustment for modes using this speed are available in the appropriate section of the "Settings..." menu of XILab software.

The actual speed is displayed in XILab main window, in the Speed field, or on main operating parameters charts.

Note. If the stability of the speed maintenance seems to be insufficient while the encoder is used, please refer to recommendations for accurate rotation.

Note. Maximum allowed speed is 100000 steps/s or 100000 rpm depending on engine type.