3.2. Multiaxis system

Appearance of the multi-axis system


This manual describes start with multi-axis system (8SMC4-B36) based on 8SMC4-USB motor controller. 8SMC4-USB getting started descibed in overview and getting started chapter. Multi-axis system operates from 220 V and it allows to control 36 axis simultaneously.

Required components

220 V power cable

Ethernet cable. It allows you to control multi-axis system remotely

DHCP server is needed for control of multi-axis system via local network. You should know ip address of your devices in network.

Getting started with multi-axis XiLab.

Connect 220V and Ethernet cable to multi-axis system. Press Power On/Off button at the back panel. After 2 minutes 8SMC4-B36 is ready to use. It needs time to start operating system on board computer for multi-axis system control.

At start you need XiLab with multi-axis support version... or newer. Link to download. Setup process and getting started with XiLab described here. For complete information please refer to XiLab application User's guide chapter.

At first start, XiLab opens controller detection window with no devices found.

Add virtual XIMC controller by increasing the number of Virtual Devices in the bottom part of window and click Rescan. Then choose Virtual XIMC, SN1 and click Open selected.

XiLab main window with single axis mode will appear. Go to Settings... and choose Program configuration (for detailed information please refer to XiLab general settings). Check Enumerate network devices in Device detection settings and press "Scan for local XIMC servers" button. XiLab will use broadcast request to find available server in multi-axis system, if the server was found its IP will appear in the "IP/hosts" list. You can also edit address list manually if desired.
Click OK and close XiLab.

When you restart XiLab it will find all axis connected to the system. In controller detection window choose an axis you need. You can control it in single-axis mode or in multi-axis mode if more than one axis was chosen. For additional information please refer to Getting started with XiLab software and XILab application User's guide

Multi-axis system temperature control.

Multi-axis system 8SMC4-B36 is able to control heating of its controller's during operation. It can measure temperature of circulating air via thermal resistors. With temperature increase speed of cooling system fans rotating will increase too.

At temperature of circulating air about 25°C cooling system is at 10% of its maximal power. 100% of power is achieved with temperature about 45°C.