5.5.3. Motor characteristics

Stage configuration -> Motor in the Application Settings

Motor characteristics window

This section contains motor information.

Manufacturer - motor manufacturer.

Part number - catalog number.

Motor type - motor type (stepper, DC or BLDC)

Poles - number of pole pairs for DС or BLDC motors, steps per revolution for stepper motors.

Phases - BLDC motor phases.

Nominal voltage - nominal winding voltage.

Nominal current - maximum continuous winding current for DC or BLDC motors, nominal current for stepper motors.

Nominal speed - nominal speed.

Nominal torque - nominal torque.

Nominal power - nominal power consumption.

Winding resistance - active resistance of the winding.

Winding inductance - inductance of the winding.

Rotor inertia - rotor inertia.

Stall torque - zero speed torque.

Detent torque - hold torque with unpowered windings.

Torque constant - torque constant.

Speed constant - speed constant.

Speed/torque gradient - speed/torque constant.

Mechanical time constant - motor time constant.

Max speed - maximum allowed speed.

Max current - maximum allowed winding current.

Max current time - maximum safe time of max current in the winding.

No load current - no-load current consumption.

No load speed - no-load motor speed.