5.3.2. Motion range and limit switches

In the Application Settings Device configuration -> Borders

Motion range and limit switches settings window

Borders setup parameter group contains borders and limit switches parameters. These parameters are used to keep the stage in the permissible physical movement limits or motion range limit in accordance with the user requirements. Borders can be set either by position (internal controller step counter) or by limit switches located in the stage terminal points.

To set the borders by position select the By position and specify the Left border and Right border values, which correspond to the left and right edge respectively.

To set the borders by the limit switches select By limit switches and set up both Limit switch 1 and Limit switch 2.
Pushed position - sets the limit switch condition when it is reached: open or closed.
Border - sets the limit switch position: on the left or on the right of the stage working range.

Check the Stop at left border and / or Stop at right border for a forced stop of motor when the border is reached. In this case the controller will ignore any commands of movement towards the limit switch if the corresponding limit switch has already been reached.

When the border position is reached the corresponding indicator flashes in the main application window.

If the Border misset detection flag is checked, the engine stops upon reaching of each border. This setting is required to prevent engine damage if limit switches appear to be potentially incorrectly configured. Read more about controller operation in this mode in the limit switches location on positioners.