3.2.1. Errata

All of the following notes are for a multi-axis system version 1.1.


Main problems related to multi-axis system operation.

  • When powered from 110V full power is limited to 1 kW.
  • While simultaneous emergency stop of several axes occurs at high power motors, there can be short-term connection loss with a multi-axis system control interface.
  • There is possible a failure with consiquent axes rediscovery in OS due to modules hot plug.
  • When updating the firmware, controllers can lose USB connection, and are not available in XiLab, until the system is restarted.
  • It is possible that when inserting the module in the operating system, it is not energized and fails to work.


Structural defects of the multi-axis system that may be encountered during disassembly and assembly.

  • ic9xbb board. Silkscreen P1 - P5 must be on the other side of the corresponding connectors.
  • ic9xbb board. Mixed up silkscreen of P1 and P3 connectors.