5.3.15. About controller

In the Application Settings Device configuration -> About device

About device tab

The Board section displays information about the controller:

Serial number - device serial number.

Bootloader version - bootloader version.

Firmware version - firmware version.

Latest firmware - latest available firmware version for this device (downloaded from the internet if internet connection is available).

The Update button opens firmware update dialog box.
Select the firmware file with the .cod extension and click Open. XILab will start the firmware update and will display "Please wait while firmware is updating". Do not power off the controller during the upgrade. Upon completion of the update the "Firmware updated successfully" dialog will be displayed.

The Choose Firmware button opens a dialog with firmware version numbers. Pick a number and press "Update firmware" to update to selected version. An appropriate firmware file will be downloaded from the internet and loaded into the controller. This feature requires an active internet connection.

The Autoupdate button automatically updates firmware from the internet to the latest available version.

Friendly name - an arbitrary user-defined name for the controller. If this string is not empty, then it will replace device id and serial number in window titles. This is a convenience feature for situations with multiple controllers connected to the same PC.

EEPROM precedence - this flag works only for stages with autodetection feature. If this flag is set, then settings from external EEPROM memory take precedence and are applied every controller start up or positioner connection. Otherwise settings from FRAM are used. If this option is turned on then "Save to flash" button is displayed in red. This serves as a warning to the user that settings in flash memory will be overwritten when a device with external memory is plugged into the controller.

Information block contains information about the device: the manufacturer, device ID, device type. The data are read from the internal memory of the controller.

All of this data is reported to the XILab application when the device is connected.